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   Every Showplace Murphy Wall-Bed is sold by one of the hundreds of authorized Showplace dealers across the country. They will also handle the important task of installing your new creation in your home.

  Correct installation is vital... and not easy. Any wall-bed must be correctly aligned and securely anchored to the wall during installation. They are not freestanding items like furniture. You want your new wall-bed to fit correctly and function smoothly, for years to come. Proper installation by a trained expert assures this.

   Other sources for wall-beds can leave this critical installation chore to you. You order the bed and cabinetry, they drop it on your doorstep, and you're on your own. And what if it doesn't fit or function correctly? Again... you're on your own. (Take a look at the picture at right. This Showplace creation was designed to precisely fit between two walls, down to the smallest fraction of an inch.)

   With a Showplace Murphy Wall-Bed, you don't have to worry about fit, because one of our dealers comes to your home to take measurements before any design is begun. And you don't have to worry about the installation, because your Showplace dealer handles that too. To top it all off, you have the comfort of the Showplace limited lifetime warranty.

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This cozy room in a rustic lake cabin shows how a Showplace  Murphy Wall-Bed can be precisely sized to the available space.
This cozy room in a rustic lake cabin shows how a Showplace
Murphy Wall-Bed can be precisely sized to the available space.

Showplace Vintage red oak

A Showplace home office creation.

An unused lower-level bedroom was transformed into a home office that serves double duty as a guest room. The Showplace Murphy Wall-Bed includes two small side cabinets that serve as bedside tables. The lovely red oak Vintage finish looks great topped with dark maple trim. At the other end of the room, the creation above was also designed and installed by the Showplace dealer, making this lovely setting an easy turnkey project.


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