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   Any Murphy bed is a big investment. And it can be scary to buy something that big and complicated from a web site or over the phone.

   Your Showplace dealer is the best part of our Murphy Wall-Beds. With hundreds of authorized dealers around the country, it's a good bet there's one near you. They will take accurate measurements in your home, help you navigate the creative choices, create a design just for you, and handle the installation. A Showplace dealer can make the entire process easy, hassle-free, and fun.

   Our wall-beds are sold only through our dealers. You won't find any Showplace products for sale over the web or in catalogs. You won't find them in any "big box" home centers, either. That's because we believe in the personal attention and service our dealer partners provide. That service is an integral part of everything Showplace creates for you.

Why no prices? We don't list any pricing on this site because each bed we create is completely unique. You have so many choices of woods, finishes, styles and accents that any Showplace wall-bed creation is one-of-a-kind. Your Showplace dealer can work with you to create a bed that fits your budget as well as it fits your space and tastes.


Attaching doors and drawer headers to the face of the
wall-bed creates a convincing deception. When closed, this
bed assumes the identity of an elegant hutch.

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